Jeff Yeger
Full Stack Developer
Customer Success Expert

Contact Info


  • Bachelors Degree - Marketing and Communications

    Bar Ilan University
  • Fullstack Development Certification

    Beta Academy
  • Masters of Business Administration - Information Technology

    Tel Aviv University - Ongoing

Technical Skills

  • Javascript | React | HTML | CSS
  • Node.js | Express.js | MongoDB
  • RESTful API's | Documentation
  • SQL | Git | Postman
  • Salesforce | Tableau | Trello
  • Google Analytics | Gong

Business Skills

  • Complex Problem Solving
  • Customer Relationships and Strategy
  • Process Innovation/Automation/Iteration
  • Data Analysis
  • People Leadership and Empowerment


  • English
  • Hebrew
  • Yiddish

LinkedIn Recommendations

Arielle Davidowitz-Neu Profile Picture

Arielle Davidowitz-Neu

Customer Success Team Lead at PeerSpot

Recommendation for Jeff

April 11, 2023

Arielle reported directly to Jeff

Jeff is an exceptional manager and leader. He hired me and I reported to him for 3+ years as a CSM and then as a manager on the team. I would absolutely recommend him as a manager and to develop and/or lead customer-facing teams.

One of Jeff's greatest strengths is his ability to see his employees as people first. He takes the time to get to know each individual, which helps him to understand their strengths, weaknesses, and motivators. He's also a wonderful advocate for his people and knows how to build processes that enable his team to succeed.

In addition to his people management skills, Jeff is a customer champion. Every initiative that he drove was rooted in delighting our customers and helping them to succeed. It's a pleasure to watch Jeff interact with customers who immediately start nodding because he "gets it."

Overall, I highly recommend Jeff. He is an incredibly hard worker and always striving for excellence, which was inspirational and contagious! Moreover, his dedication to his team members, process-orientation, and customer-focus make him an invaluable asset to any organization.

Josh Brooks Profile Picture

Josh Brooks

Customer Success Manager - Relationship Builder

Recommendation for Jeff

March 16, 2023

Jeff was senior to Josh but didn't manage Josh directly

Working under Jeff was truly a pleasure. Jeff is a dedicated, passionate, hardworking professional who gives his 'everything' to his job, but he also makes sure to be personable and caring to every one of his teammates. Working hard is important, but Jeff always makes it his mission to see the person behind the job and treat that person with respect and care, which is truly important and inspirational in this day and age.

Jeff is a goal-oriented man with vision and willing to go above and beyond to make that vision a reality. His dedication to customer success and the overall success of a company is unmatched, and I highly recommend Jeff to any company looking to fill a VP/Executive position.

Gershon Rossman Profile Picture

Gershon Rossman

Director of Customer Success at PeerSpot

Recommendation for Jeff

March 13, 2023

Gershon reported directly to Jeff

From my first day at PeerSpot, I was lucky to work with Jeff on his team. First as a CSM and later as a manager and then as a Director, while he was VP of CS.

Throughout that time, it was amazing to see how Jeff was not only fully invested in hitting our goals but would also constantly search for more efficient and better ways of reaching them.

Whether it was finding new data sources, building new processes, or dashboards, Jeff was always on the lookout for ways to build the team both in terms of efficiency and outcomes. Jeff's efforts resulted in not only a world-class team but also an incredible experience for the PeerSpot customer base.

What is more impressive than what he achieved at PeerSpot is that he did it while being a straight shooter and while always keeping what is best for both the company and his team at the forefront of his decisions. If you are looking for someone to build a CS organization with a great culture that will deliver great experiences to your customers, Jeff is definitely your guy.

Maayan Netzer Profile Picture

Maayan Netzer

Customer Success Manager at PeerSpot

Recommendation for Jeff

March 13, 2023

Jeff was senior to Maayan but didn't manage Maayan directly

Jeff saw my abilities and gave me an opportunity to join his team, although I was not the obvious choice and I could not be more thankful for that.

It tells you a lot about the manager he is. He trusts his people, wants to hear them, see them succeed, and will do whatever he can to help. He sees individual needs and encourages his team members to have a work-life balance.

Jeff is all about the customer experience and making sure it is the best experience possible. He thinks outside the box, asks questions that no one wants to ask, and looks for ways to create processes that will improve the final result for the customer as well as for the company.

Daniel Mitchell Profile Picture

Daniel Mitchell

Director of Sales at PeerSpot

Recommendation for Jeff

March 13, 2023

Daniel reported directly to Jeff

I highly recommend Jeff Yeger as an exceptional manager / VP who is both caring and thoughtful. I had the pleasure of working with Jeff for 5 years and witnessed his astronomical rise from SDR to VP. Jeff is a smart and talented individual who truly cares about the customer experience and built up the Customer Success Team from nothing.

His dedication and commitment to both his team and his customers is truly remarkable, and his leadership was instrumental in establishing a ‘customer first’ culture within the organization. It was an absolute honor to work with him, and I would highly recommend Jeff to any organization looking for a VP to lead their Customer Success efforts.

Davina Becker Profile Picture

Davina Becker

Content Strategist at PeerSpot

Recommendation for Jeff

March 13, 2023

Davina worked with Jeff but on different teams

Jeff is a positive, self-aware individual. As a people person, he cares about the people that he leads while still focusing on the business impact of his decisions.

He is a proponent of change management, helping a business and employees grow to their fullest potential. He also takes the time to address concerns, then finds quick and effective solutions to resolve those issues.

I highly recommend Jeff to any organization looking to hire a sales or customer success leader. His dedication to teamwork and success makes him a beneficial leader.

Sam Kirshner Profile Picture

Sam Kirshner

Sr. Customer Success Manager at PeerSpot

Recommendation for Jeff

March 12, 2023

Jeff was senior to Sam but didn't manage Sam directly

After working alongside and under Jeff for 4 years, I can attest to the fact that he’s a dynamo. Full stop.

That Jeff is a gifted orator, natural visionary, and bold leader precedes him.

Ideating, growing, and managing not just processes of the largest team in the company but also its most successful (by the metrics, and in my opinion 😊) and cohesive one is quite a feat!

His biggest weakness is his efficiency. Sometimes it’s hard for him to comprehend why others can’t do things as quickly as he can!

So how did he achieve what most managers dream of? And in such an efficient time period?!

Being results-driven and strategic is the start, but leading people innovatively and by example are Jeff’s key differentiators.

Always looking to improve the lives of his team both on and off the court. You can depend on him to have your back, push for (and get) internal resources to support your success, or advocate for a customer (he’s passionate about customers, if you didn’t know). Off the court, always taking his colleague’s personal life context into account even when discussing business objectives, sending thoughtful and unexpected gifts/notes, making sure there are off-site fun days, etc.

Jeff happens to be synonymous with “Best Practices” - Never complacent, constantly seeking to grow, innovative, receptive of feedback and new ideas – the amount of “best-practices” that he implements is roughly proportional to the amount of new “best practices” that he reads while keeping up with market goings-on…

He is excellent and therefore sets the bar high for his team.

On a personal note, he has been working on his sense of humor and is fun to work with! I have grown much both professionally and personally through collaboration, but really mostly just from observing how he operates.

If he wants to work with you, do yourselves a favor and just send over a contract!

Yehuda Strauss Profile Picture

Yehuda Strauss

Senior Account Executive and Sales Trainer at PeerSpot

Recommendation for Jeff

March 9, 2023

Yehuda worked with Jeff but on different teams

Jeff is a world-class Customer Success Professional. I had the pleasure of working with Jeff between 2017 and 2023. In the early days of PeerSpot (then IT Central Station), Jeff was my co-pilot and partner in crime on some of the business' most strategic and important accounts. Due to his exceptional work ethic, professionalism, understanding of customer needs, and strategic vision, Jeff quickly climbed the ranks and grew out our entire CS function from scratch (now well over 10 Customer Success team members).

Jeff's ability to understand broader customer challenges and goals by asking brilliant discovery questions and getting into the weeds is unparalleled and one of his greatest gifts. He has a track record of excellence and is loved by all of our customers. Expect nothing less than 1,000% effort and determination to succeed on his part.

If you're looking for a CS leader, end your search here. You'll thank me later.

Menachem Pritzker Profile Picture

Menachem Pritzker

👨‍🚀🚀 Fractional CMO, Content Marketer and Growth Strategist

Recommendation for Jeff

February 8, 2022

Menachem worked with Jeff but on different teams

Jeff is the key person at PeerSpot for managing our relationships with our customers. He's the conduit for executing our strategy with them, as well as an important internal customer advocate for driving our products to create the most value for them. To Jeff, the success of our customers is as important as ours.

There is no single person at this company who understands our customers' needs and wants better than Jeff. This isn't because he has some intuitive sense or somehow "just knows." It's because he works hard. He speaks with customers every day. He builds trust. He builds relationships. He listens to thousands (yes) of calls made by his team, not only to build this knowledge himself, but to train and encourage his reps to build those same successful relationships.

It's been astonishing to watch Jeff's rise in role and responsibility over the last few years, and well earned through hard work and grit.

Jeremy Werblowsky Profile Picture

Jeremy Werblowsky

Vice President Global Sales for Brew

Recommendation for Jeff

I have worked closely with Jeff over the last 5+ years and have seen him grow from an individual contributor to a team manager and now the VP of Customer Success. His meteoric rise is all the more amazing considering he came to the company with little to no experience in Customer Success. Jeff now leads a top-notch CS Department, with NPS scores that companies only dream about. He is constantly innovating and learning, and this can be seen trickling down to all of his team. Jeff embodies the core values at PeerSpot, and we are lucky to have him.

Aliza Weinblatt Profile Picture

Aliza Weinblatt

Head Of Sales Operations at PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)

Recommendation for Jeff

January 21, 2022

All LinkedIn members

I have worked closely with Jeff for about a year, and I have seen him grow and succeed as a fearless leader at PeerSpot. Jeff has the ability to articulate and execute executive strategy and big picture thinking as well as roll up his sleeves and get down to the nitty-gritty details of the project.

I have seen his team flourish through his mentoring skills, and he has had tremendous success in growing his people to be their best selves and build out a world-class customer success team.

On a personal note, he is a pleasure to work with and always available to lend a helping hand or to provide encouragement (or a random note on your desk simply saying “you are great!”) on those really hard days. He has the unique ability to see outside of himself and will always bend over backwards to help the other person succeed. Jeff is a superstar, and I look forward to watching him do amazing things!